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The most important thing a coach can do for his or her athletes is be a "continual learner". By constantly seeking to learn, improve and develop their coaching skills and knowledge of the game, coaches will speed up the process of athlete development and achieving success with their teams.

RVC actively supports coaching development by covering registration costs for our coaches to attend certification and professional development courses. 

BE A MENTOR! - While the most important mentor is yourself, in addition to self-mentoring - seek out to share your ideas, problems and solutions with others.  Ask the question - you don't have to 'reinvent' the wheel - someone has probably faced it before. 

NCCP Coaching Certification Requirements [more info]

NCCP Technical Courses (Regina)- Check out the SVA site for upcoming technical courses [more info]

NCCP Theory Courses (Regina): Check out the Sport Regina site for upcoming dates [more info]


The Resource Centre for Sport, Culture and Recreation
100 - 1445 Park St     790-9411 ext 9206

This is a great place to pick up books, articles, manuals and videos all about volleyball and coaching theory (and every other sport or leisure activity you can think of).

University of Regina Volleyball - Head coaches Greg Barthel and Melanie Sanford are available to RVC coaches for mentorship and information. You can contact them and can even attend a Cougar practice to get tips and new ideas. RVC coaches are encouraged to take advantage of this generous offer as we work hard to develop our athletes the right way so they may become Cougars in the future - as a number of RVC athletes have already achieved.

Coaching Association of Saskatchewan  - check out their events and resource page.